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Why We Should End Daylight Savings

Although daylight saving time is used in other regions in the planet that is far from the equator, its use began in the US in 1918. It involves adjusting the clock forward by an hour in the spring and also backward by one hour during autumn. The primary basis of the introduction of daylight saving time was to save on energy. Moreover, the underpinning to this adjusting of time resulted in a lot of complications rather than gains. For that reasons, the US has experienced numerous petition to end the daylight saving time due to the issues brought about. Although the introduction of daylight saving had good intentions here are is why people are petitioning to end the daylight saving time.

Daylight saving time from this homepage is responsible for the increased amount of stress among individuals. On top of that, daylight saving has increased the susceptibility of people to other health conditions. Statistics show since the introduction of daylight saving time, there have been numerous cases heart attack and other heart-related ailment cases among people. The change of time may seem harmless, but actually, it causes a lot of harm to your heart as well as your overall health. The shift in time back and forth interferes with your circadian rhythm which is linked to the increase of risk of heart diseases. And reversing the health conditions will need a lot of time. For that reasons, many people have supported the move to end daylight saving time to curb such health conditions.

Although end of daylight savings time was associated with energy efficiency, people are yet to see how it saves the energy. Researches indicated that minimal light is needed in the light evening. But in the dark mornings, the demand for illumination is higher. Hence instead of energy being conserved, you will need more light. And with higher energy consumptions, the power bill will be higher than what is expected during normal time. It further implies that the energy saved during the evening as assumed will be retrograded by the use of more light in the morning.

Instead of getting the benefits of energy conservation from daylight savings, more energy is used to compensate for the deficiency of light in the mornings. Moreover, less illumination in the morning leads to reduced visibility among drivers, resulting in traffic collisions on the roads. This is the significant drivers of the petition by some population of Americans to end daylight saving time. To get more tips on how to choose the best daylight saving, visit

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